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20 Mobile Solutions That Are Changing Patients’ Lives


Mike Myers has been a leader in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry for over 2 decades. He is well versed in all areas of professional and consumer healthcare marketing and advertising-from strategic planning, market research, and branding to digital/social media and DTC advertising. Mike is a frequent resource to regional and national media on topics ranging from building agency/client relationships, healthcare marketing, emerging/social media, talent management, business culture, and DTC advertising.

Mobile is changing the landscape of healthcare with real-time information that provides environment for better outcomes. Patients are no longer quiet. People are getting together, talking and exchanging information. Patients are tweeting what’s going on with them, what they like, their treatment, how doctors treat them. The portability and accessibility allows for patients to be engaged in their own health. Patients can now wirelessly send pain updates to physicians. Mike outlined the 25 best solutions in the mHealth space.

20 Mobile Solutions Changing Patients’ Lives

1. Patient Self-Monitoring

2. HCP Remote Monitoring

3. Electronic Medical Records

4. Compliance Tools

5. Patient Communities

6. Twitter

7. OB Labor Management

8. Portable Ultrasounds

9. Pain Monitoring

10.  Cardiac Exercise Monitoring

11.Mobile Eye Screening

12. Pill Camera Technologies

  • M2A Capsule Endoscopy

13. High Risk Pregnancy Monitoring

14. Smartphones

15. Go Meals (App)

16. iHealth BPM (App)

17. Babymate (App)

18. AsthmaMD (App)

19. Top Ten Diabetes Tips (App)

20. WebMD (App)

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