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Apple Releases iMessage for OS X

Apple has announced the release of OS X Mountain Lion, an update to their popular OS X platform to be released in summer 2012. As part of this update, Apple plans to bring their popular iMessage platform to the desktop computer. iMessage, which was originally released with iOS (Apple’s mobile operating system), offered an alternative to SMS for those who were messaging between Apple’s mobile devices. Now that iMessage has been moved to the desktop, Apple hopes to blur the lines between instant messaging and text messaging. This blurring of the lines has the potential to increase the amount of mobile traffic to your website now that links embedded in instant message chats will flow freely to mobile devices. Pay special attention to your analytics as Mountain Lion becomes more widely used, there’s a good chance you’ll see an uptick in mobile traffic. Is your site ready?

Top 9 “other” Mountain Lion features according to the Washington Post:

  1. Notes: The new Notes app uses iCloud to sync between your Mac, iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
  2. Reminders: Users can set Reminders to appear at a certain time of day and mark items as complete once they’ve taken care of business.
  3. Game Center: The Game Center allows users to play against other people, regardless of the platform. Game Center features also include in-game chat and opponent matching.
  4. iCloud: There’s a whole lot of iCloud going on in Mountain Lion. The new OSX will sync documents, contacts, mail, calendar, Messages and FaceTime.
  5. Twitter: Users will be able to tweet directly from Safari, Quick Look, Photo Booth, Preview and some third-party apps.
  6. Share Sheets: Sharing is made even easier in Mountain Lion, thanks to share sheets, which let users share links, photos and other content through e-mail and Twitter.
  7. AirPlay : Trying to encourage even more device integration, Apple is adding AirPlay, meaning that it will be possible to put whatever is on your Mac on your television — if you use the Apple TV set-top box. This is aimed at presentations and video sharing.
  8. Gatekeeper: This new feature allows users to control the apps that can be installed on a Mac device. Users can choose to run only software bought via the App Store, or run both Mac App Store software and programs from identified developers.
  9. But no Siri: Mountain Lion may have brought the iPad feel to the Mac, but it neglected to bring one particularly popular addition from the iPhone — there’s still no Siri.

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