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Building brand relationship through SMS


SMS is nothing new. But what about location-based mobile ads? The North Face recently became the first retailer to utilize the newly formed partnership between Placecast and Location Labs. According to a recent post, The North Face can now reach 60% of all U.S. consumers with opt-in location-based marketing test messages.

So what? Now I can opt-in to receive more clutter on my phone when I’m near a North Face store?

There’s more to the story.

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From passive to powerful patient


How do you engage your most passive patients and move them to the proactive realm of healthcare? I read a blog post the other day that claimed “empowering your patients” is the holy grail for pharma social media.

The CEO of HeathCentral gave a presentation about today’s empowered patients and their traits and habits. Here are some of the highlights:

  • The need for cognition drives empowered patients to understand their condition and treatment options – they want to know more than disease state, they want to know what causes their condition and what treat options there are
  • Empowered patients are more likely to seek similar patients’ experiences and share their own online – all patients use passive methods online such as using search engines to find health info
  • Overall, empowered patients are more likely to engage in social media activities (posting blogs, comments, and tweets related to healthcare) which means they are the ones creating and spreading messages about your brand
  • Empowered patients are the most demanding but also the most loyal patients – most likely to fire a doc, yet most likely to reward with loyalty

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New heights for social media


Bieber Fever.

Not words you’d expect to see on WYDiQ… Right? Well I was just as surprised when I found myself watching Justin Bieber’s special on the E! last night… What caught my attention as I flipped through channels was the discussion of Bieber’s use of social media to reach his superstar status.

In case you don’t have a teen or pre-teen who’s come down with Bieber fever in your house, Bieber was discovered by his video on YouTube, has gone platinum since he was found in 2008, and now has over 3.5 million followers on Twitter. Growing up in a small town in Canada, Bieber is the modern story of Aladdin and YouTube was his magical lamp.

So was it Bieber’s innocent vocals that pushed him to the top, or the social media marketing geniuses behind him?

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Future of HCP marketing – 3 trends

One of our WYDiQ bloggers has an article over at MedAdNews today about big, emerging trends in HCP marketing that most of us aren’t talking about yet. Great stats on mobile and the changing composition of the physician workforce: Read Full Entry


In or out of the recession?

Either way, it’s affected the average American and how they shop.

I recently listened in on a webinar from Ogilvy and Communispace about their research on The Emerging Post-Recession Consumer Consciousness and here’s the key takeaway I discovered:

The brand with the better information wins.

The new consumer isn’t passive, and does not make the careless purchases they once did. The new consumer is deliberate, informed, and most importantly, active. According to the research from Ogilvy and Communispace 47% of consumers are spending more time researching items before buying.

The more transparent your brand, the better.

According to a study by Cisco the amount of IP traffic has more than doubled in the past 2 years. And consumers are utilizing the web in these uncertain times to do their research. So if your brand isn’t there to lay its claim, then you’re out of luck because today’s consumer is more complicated.

Research shows that consumers have gone from mindless to mindful. 92% are using coupons and shopping in discount stores. And more mindful means more informed. So the harder for the consumer to find your brand, the more likely it is to be left behind.


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