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Racik’s Basics: Geolocation


Location relevance is one of many ways to foster better prevention and intervention for better health outcomes, as long as we’re all comfortable sharing a little data about ourselves.

In this recent PR Week article, several industry leaders charted the growth path for geolocation. In their view, we’re headed toward a Culture of Checkins.

Our 2.Do experiment was inspired by how that new technology/new behavior could help solve a persistent health care marketing challenge.

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Racik’s Basics: Look for return on objective


A recent Adweek Media/Harris Poll suggested what is NOT working in digital advertising. For example, they cite that 43% of consumers ignore or disregard internet banner ads. Hmm…does that mean that 57% DON’T? How many of our best weighted targets are in that 57% versus that 43%?

What this might really suggest is depending on your segmentation and targeting prowess, as well as your content relevancy and ability to engage consumers right off the bat, that banner ads still work for the majority of consumers.

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