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Most Important Technology Stories of 2011: Future-Friendly Design

Future Friendly Web Design

Today’s post comes from Sean Cowan, Vice President Creative Director for GSW Worldwide. This article marks the second post in a series of the most important technology stories of 2011 from iQ’s core team and closest collaborators throughout the GSW Worldwide network. Check back through the end of the year for more important technology stories of 2011.

The most important story of 2011 is the mass migration of digital creative leadership toward a future-friendly design and content approach. Read Full Entry


Inspiration for Digital Innovation and Marketing


One of the most exciting aspects of digital marketing is also the most frustrating. If you know anyone who works in the industry, I’m sure you’ve heard them complain, as well as, get overly excited about strange acronyms you’ve never heard of before. Its all a little overwhelming but when you take a step back and review everything you are hearing from a 10,000 foot view you can see how there are some basic blocking and tackling you can do to stay current on the pulse of the untamed beast we call digital.

Here is a peek behind my browser curtain. The following is a list of sources I go to whenever I need inspiration on where or how to focus my efforts. Much like my Web surfing, they are in no particular order. Read Full Entry


Why digital designers have an attitude (most of the time)


Digital designers are a lonely breed. Developers view them as creative and not as technically knowledgeable as they would like, while traditional creative teams view them as ignoring the principals of acceptable design practices in favor of complicated technology solutions. The truth is they are a hybrid of the two and as a result think differently about how to solve a given design problem than those around them.

As digital creative, opportunities have continued to grow in all areas of the marketing industry, I often get asked what someone can do to be more like a digital designer. Here are some quick thoughts. Read Full Entry


5 things (still) changing healthcare marketing in 2011


1. Microsoft Flash?
Rumors flew last fall about a secret meeting between Adobe and Microsoft, leading to speculation that Adobe was looking for some muscle against Steve Jobs’s very public anti-Flash campaign. Neither Microsoft or Adobe will confirm the subject matter of the meetings but speculations flew on news sites across the Web.

If a merger does take place and Adobe optimizes their products for the cheaper and more available Windows hardware market I can only image the impact on the creative community. Schools and corporations who have long paid premium prices for Apple’s hardware to run these Adobe products would suddenly have no reason to continue to do so. Read Full Entry


Entering the world of Inception – Part 2


A few weeks ago I posted about beginning my experiment with the Zeo Personal Sleep Coach. After collecting about 2 months of data and uploading it to my online sleep coach account I have some thoughts on the experience.

Overall I really like the product. It’s comfortable to sleep with, provides some valuable data about my sleep habits that would have otherwise have gone undetected and gives me a sense of doing something proactive about my health. Fortunately for me my trial run of the product was free (see previous post).

I got satisfaction from being able to upload the data to the secure account and look for patterns or areas of improvement. Just like mint.com, which gives you as much or as little detail about your personal finances, Zeo’s data mining tools gave me insights that I never could have gotten any other way aside from a formal sleep study in a doctors office.

Read Full Entry


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