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Sausagefest: Getting more women into media and tech.


It was a busy day here in Austin, Texas!

There were many great tidbits and learnings today, but I am going to share only one today.

The core conversation, Sausagefest: Getting more women into media and tech,
was lead by two tech savvy ladies, Alexis Tsotsis (TechCrunch) and Rachel Sklar (Change the Ratio and #hashtag) and focused on the disproportionate ratio of women to men in the Technology Arena.   Read Full Entry


SXSW daily summary report for Saturday


As Jude mentioned earlier, GSW has sent a multi-disciplined team to SXSW to report their findings from the show. The “GSW SXSWers” consists of people from our creative, strategic, project management and technology groups.

Every night we’ll post a collection of key points learned from a handful of our attendees. Here’s our first edition. Read Full Entry


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