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Todd Hodgman, VP of Digital Strategy THodgman

Enriching Health Communications Through Augmented Reality

augmented reality in healthcare

Much has already been written about the use of augmented reality (AR) by healthcare professionals in the diagnosis and treatment of disease. Some of the more interesting uses for AR in the medical field involve live interactive imaging. In brain surgery, for example, AR imagery of a brain superimposed onto a patient’s head can give a surgeon a more tangible visualization to work with. Another example is using AR to visualize a patient’s spine to more accurately place a spinal tap.

While it isn’t often that the medical professional community beats the general consumer to the punch in terms of adopting emerging technologies, AR is one exception (oh, and the iPad, too). Augmented reality has been assisting the medical community for nearly 10 years, well before Robert Downey Jr. was “augmenting our reality” from the cover of an Esquire magazine.

So what are some ways that augmented reality can be used to make for more efficient, relevant, and contextually rich health communications? Let’s consider a few potential ways: Read Full Entry


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