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“Customer experience will be the buzzword for 2013.”

-Peter Dannenfelser, Director of Digital Marketing North, Janssen


Effectively Employing a Unique Pay-for-Performance Marketing Program


Kicking off after lunch, Chad Bellentine, Product Manager for Upper GI Marketing at Takeda, shared a small case study on a marketing pilot that his team and partners deployed. Chad shared specific goals that the DEXILANT brand team was hoping to achieve in they pilot:

  • Educate patients on their acid reflux disease and its symptoms and the unique benefits of DEXILANT
  • Drive patient-doctor discussion about DEXILANT among pre-qualified GERD sufferers

With those goals in mind, the team launched a pilot program called Quality Conversations. The program was designed to take patients through a flow of information and call-to-actions.

  1. Attract patients to an email touchpoint program.
  2. Align the right patients to the most relevant offers
  3. Activate patients through targeted messages and channels
  4. Convert patients to DEXILANT by educating and engaging on disease state and DEXILANT’s value proposition

DEXILANT’s Quality Conversations Pilot program

The first step was rolling out the pilot program. The goals were to develop and approve a library of brand resources and then build a communication engine to disseminate that content. In the DEXILANT program, there was a very specific program flow they hoped to achieve:

1) Deploy an email series that prompts a patient to learn more about DEXILANT through a microsite.

2) Once the patient access the microsite, they are encourage to download a conversation guide for a consult with their physician.

3) With the download guide in hand, the patients were then encouraged to print a coupon for DEXILANT.

Through this program flow, a patient was walking into their doctor’s office with information on the brand, a conversation guide, and a coupon for their prescription. While DEXILANT’s MLR team wouldn’t allow for specific numbers to be shared, the marketing team found that overall prescription number increased and noted excellent prescription rates for those patient who entered the top of their funnel by receiving the email series.

Chad recommended a framework and tips for running a marketing pilot.

Goal: Set performance criteria and expectations upfront.

Time: Actively participate in evaluating the real-time analytics and making optimization decisions or delegate this function back to your marketing partners.

Optimization: In addition to overall program results, explore specific areas in the overall flow where your program isn’t functioning to identify additional opportunities to optimize for better results.


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Digital Pharma East Stats

Disturbing, right? Physicians are using digital tools but don’t have a reliable, easy-to-navigate platform for disease state and medication information. That’s why we created iQ.fluent, a simple patient education platform that allows treatment teams to access and deliver brand or disease state related materials to patients.

If you’re at Digital Pharma East, we encourage you to stop by our booth (GSW Worldwide #27) for a quick demo at the next break or visit iQfluent.com for more information or to request a demo for a later date.


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