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How to create eDetails that HCPs look forward to reviewing


Put yourself in an health care provider’s (HCP) shoes for a moment. Imagine your busy day of seeing patients. It is now 2:45pm, you have so many things on your mind, and there is so much still left to do when you realize you have a 3:00pm meeting with a pharmaceutical sales representatives. How would you feel about this upcoming meeting?

Let’s be honest, most HCPs would not look forward to this meeting.

At GSW Worldwide we counter this feeling by creating engaging multimedia eDetail experiences that attract HCPs to the brand’s message. However, there are times where even the best visuals and interactions aren’t enough.

So we asked, how could we create an eDetail that’s more engaging?

When asked this, we were reminded of a similar question asked for trade shows. We answered this by creating iQ.rival our turnkey gaming platform for trades show exhibits. By applying gaming to exhibits we not only found that we increased exhibit traffic, but we also increased return traffic. This was due to participants wanting to not only play, but they wanted to replay to beat or keep their high score.

With that said, our obvious answer to making an eDetail more engaging was to combine Rival with iQ.mercury our in-market iPad eDetailing platform.

Now put yourself back in an HCP’s shoes. Imagine knowing in your upcoming 3:00pm meeting you’ll be able to compete against Dr. Harben, a local HCP who always brags about beating you in golf. How would you feel about this upcoming meeting now?

We took these feelings into consideration when creating our latest prototype:

Rival IVA – the gaming layer applied to traditional IVAs to make eDetailing informative and entertaining


Why Pharma Should be Detailing at Patients’ Homes

Brand Visit

Remember the days of the door to door salesman? Perhaps you recall the vacuum salesman pouring dirt on your carpet to show how well their product worked. Those days seemed to have been put behind us with the advent of product websites, product performance videos on YouTube, and Amazon product reviews. However, today we’re seeing a resurgence in the at home sale. Take Liberty Mutual for example, when customers are curious about their products, they will send a local representative to discuss their services with you and your family so that the household can ask questions and make an informed decision together.

When making life altering decisions, like starting a prescription, wouldn’t it be nice if you, along with your caregivers, family, and friends, could speak with a brand representative?

Now I know you’re probably thinking:

“Shouldn’t customers get all their information from their HCP?”
“Isn’t the branded website and patient education materials enough?”
“Customers don’t typically trust Pharma. Why would they want to talk to them?”

I admit, there are a some healthy discussions to be had around this topic. However, my challenge to Pharma marketers is to consider the possibility. As we continue to see a resurgence in at home sales, brand transparency, and personalized customer service we should consider changing how we market too.

Our latest prototype Brand Visit contains our thoughts on how detailing to potential patients at their homes could work.


iPad Launch to the Sales Force | Digital Pharma West

Digital Pharma West

April 3, 2010.

Can you name the significance of that date?

That’s when the first iPad went on sale in the US and start a ripple effect of major shifts in how we take in content. The pharma marketing industry, first thought not right for the ipad, became quick adopters of the iPad in detailing situation.

Just over 2 years later, it seems that the iPad is a necessity for reps who want to remain relevant and valuable for prescribers.

36% of ePharma physicians reported seeing an iPad rep in 2011.

36% of ePharma physicians who saw an iPad rep report overall satisfaction was higher than with reps using other sales aids.

59% of ePharma physicians who touched the iPad were significantly more likely to say their experience was more satisfactory than with other sales aids. Also, they were 4x more likely to say their experience influenced their clinical decisions.

61% of physicians have or are interest in obtaining patient education materials from sales reps.

Source: Manhattan Research: iPad Reps: Evaluating the Success of Early Initiatives & Identifying Strategic Opportunities

10 Steps to Introduce an eDetailing Platform in Your Enterprise

1) In Scope, out of scope, and funding

  • Determine what you are doing and with whom
  • Your costs can capitalized for heardware platform

2) Create an RFI, then an RFP

  • There are an assortment of companies creating apps, but not many creating platforms
  • Ask questions regarding the version of the platform they are on and what percentage of R&D is dedicated to their solution
  • RFI will help develop the scope of your project

3) Establish a project approach

  • Adopt a phased approach to app/platform deployment
  • Do not expect perfection…updates and upgrades can be made in future releases
  • Create a RACI (identify:

4) Get strategic or tactical

  • You should always think strategically, but you may find yourself getting project-focused
  • Remember strategy and road maps take time

5) Identify key stakeholders

iPads will change your selling model…be prepared. You must engage stakeholders early on:

  • Brand marketing
  • Sales Training
  • Sales Communications
  • IT
  • Customers

6) Form a cross-fucntional team

  • Collaborate and communicate with senior leadership and pertinent stakeholders
  • Create a mobile innovation team: a centralized body to approve or align on organizational platforms

7) Schedule a project kick-off meeting

  • Invite agencies, suppliers, cross-functional teams
  • Set a clear direction for launch

8) Choose your hardware

  • Apple or other?
  • Which version of that product?
  • WiFi or MiFi?

9) Get acclimated

  • Have your Reps get acclimated to the iPad
  • Launch it prior to deploying apps (recommended 2-3 months)

10) Measurement: Ask yourself 3 questions

In order to collect both quantitative and qualitative data, encourage open communication from the field and then determine what’s essential to measure.

  • What do you want to measure?
  • How will you measure it?
  • Are you measuring something that can be actionable?

It’s Testing Day in iQ!

iQ innovation lab of GSW Worldwide

It’s one of those days the iQ team gets really excited about…testing day!

We’ve taken one of our most popular prototypes, iQ.mercury Controller, and built a minimal viable version that our colleagues are previewing. We’re observing how they use the prototype and gathering all their feedback and suggestions on an array of potential features. Check out the visual demo of of iQ.mercury Controller below and, if you’re interested in iQ.mercury, we encourage you to visit iQMercury.com.

We’re having fun, too!


Rethinking Tools for Pharma Sales Reps


Digital Detailing (or eDetailing) is a topic that has been coming up across our agency for quite some time now. Most of these conversations are focused on answering the toughest questions being asked by our clients and industry colleagues: what tools, what approach, what strategy?

There has been so much conversation that eDetailing is now at the core of what we do at GSW: create compelling tools for the frontlines of healthcare. Tools designed to inspire reps and connect with physicians. Within iQ, we are looking ahead even further to determine what’s next in eDetailing strategy, what tools will make the rep more efficient, and how the ever-changing preferences of physicians affect how we create the most memorable experiences for the iPad.

iQ’s Leigh Householder gathered experts from around our organization to talk about what we’ve learned along the way and trends ahead that will change the industry. Together they created this perspective that looks at:

  • Life on the frontlines of pharma sales today
  • Strategic framework for building a digital detailing plan
  • Best practices in content and creative development
  • Frontline fears to address
  • Emerging trends for 2012


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