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#DigPharm Quotes: Patient Engagement

“Patient engagement is the blockbuster drug of the century.”

Doug Elwood, MD, director of Global Medical Information Strategy and Innovation at Bristol-Myers Squibb, set the stage for his presentation on “Understanding the Digital Landscape Through the Customers’ Eyes” by sharing a September article featured in Forbes titled “Patient Engagement is the blockbuster drug of the century“.

For a great read outlining the major shift in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry – specifically how physicians and brands can shift to achieve success – I highly encourage you visit the Forbes article.

…and for even more insights and trends in marketing in a Post-RX world, GSW Worldwide’s Leigh Householder is presenting this topic at 11:40 a.m. in Track C. You can also view and download her presentation here: Power Shift to the Patient: Best Practices for Marketing in a Post-Rx Marketplace.

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