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Emerging Channels for Pharma Multi-Channel Relationship Marketing

When you look at emerging channels, it’s a complex landscape with many competing technologies. There are so many terms, too. Tablets, slates, smartphones, e-readers and the list goes on. We call these platforms…tangible technologies that we can touch, feel, hold and carry with us.


Platform growth is exploding. Smartphone adoption has grown exponentially, telling us that consumers are finding value in spending money to acquire and utilize these devices.┬áContent is driving the growth of these platforms. Consumers’ desire to have access to content on the go, from anywhere, is dictating the growth of mobile platforms.

The point is that our consumers are here…in droves!

Just over 66% of consumers consider the Internet their top resource for healthcare questions and concerns. Traditionally, people went to their close family and physicians for health information but, today, we see that patients are trusting online resources just as much as their family and even their doctors. Mobile is a big player in accessing health resources as 20% of consumers search for health-related information on their mobile device (7% use apps to do so).

But it’s not just consumers…physicians are adopting these platforms, too.

With 81% of physicians owning a smartphone, more than half own an iPhone (96% of medical students have a smartphone). Physicians are using their mobile platforms to check email and complete other administrative tasks, but they are also using them to access medical information and learn about new products – 38% of physicians with a mobile device use it to reference drug databases.

It’s not about simply moving content from one channel to the other.

The user experience and context of content is key. It’s not unordinary for a physician to access information via their mobile device, move to their computer at the end of the day to look for more information and then pick up the phone to call for even more information. Content must be optimized for each platform and a clear ‘call-to-action’ explaining the ‘what’ and ‘how’ must be communicated specifically for each platform to motivate next steps.

Integrating Platforms: Key Executive Considerations

  • Data Capture: Build or buy?
  • Setting Goals: How will you know you’ve won?
  • Measurement: Making sure you learn continuously.
  • Customer Service: For you and your audience.
  • Privacy, legal, security and regulatory compliance.

We welcome your comments and will be continuing the conversation beyond this week’s conference.

This post is a recap from Digital Pharma East with commentary from the iQ team members in attendance. Digital Pharma East is a 4 day conference that features digital marketers from pharma companies around the globe highlighting their experience and case studies on digital marketing in the pharma and healthcare industries.

3 Responses to “Emerging Channels for Pharma Multi-Channel Relationship Marketing”

  • Great post!
    The digitization of healthcare delivery in the use will transform how health & wellness are managed by consumers, providers & other healthcare stakeholders.
    The emergence of the NHIN (ie EHRs, EMRs, Health Info Exchanges(HIEs), eRx, Health Insurance Exchanges,(HIX), etc) will enable every stakeholder to have access to an unprecedented amount of information which will be transformed into actionable insight at the point of decision/care. Pharma needs to ensure that they are part of the emerging NHIN if they wish to remain engaged…

  • tdurbin Tyler Durbin, Marketing Manager

    Thanks Paulo, this is the recap of Amit Pherwani’s session this morning. While these platforms are getting better and better at making connections (i.e. using your mobile to access social networks) there are still many many more connections to be made (i.e. mobile platforms to EHR’s, etc.)

    Paulo, how far do you think we are from EHR/EMR’s becoming more relevant?

  • What’s up, after reading this amazing post i am also cheerful to share my knowledge here with colleagues.|

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