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Good deals on great conferences

This fall, the team at iQ will be speaking at two of our industry’s top conferences – the critically-acclaimed Digital Pharma East and the emerging powerhouse eDTC Revolution.

Please join us! Below are exclusive discount codes for both conferences and an overview of what we’ll be talking about on stage.

The eDTC Revolution

Marketing to the Digital Consumer

September 13 – 14

Washington DC

Our keynote:

Health Lab: How America’s most highly regulated industry became its biggest source of innovation

A slew of trends – from an economy of over choice to a global tide of rapid commoditization – have created a new demand in American industry: Innovate now. In banking, retail, automotive, packaged goods, leaders of every discipline are charged with nothing less than finding what’s next – and finding it first.

They might find inspiration in an unexpected place: health care. This massive industry—with its call centers of payers, legions of frontline workers, and pages of fine print—is the unexpected home of a seemingly endless flow of life- and world-changing innovation.  From using gaming to model better cancer diagnoses to crowdsourcing the largest data set of medical information in the world, to pharmaceuticals that have dramatically improved average life expectancies around the world, better health is run on innovation.

At the core of health care’s approach to evolution and revolution are five principles that can be leveraged by almost any team: Start at the interaction, give up authority, empower the front line, test in public, be solution seekers. In this talk, we dig into each principle by looking at examples of their impact and their potential for shifting how we all think about change.

Your exclusive WYDiQ discount code: HOUSEHOLDER

Register to attend here: www.dtcperspectives.com/edtc-revolution-register or by phone (Debra Sander, Registration Coordinator at 973-239-2051 x221)

6th Annual Digital Pharma East

October 15 – 18

Philadelphia, PA

Our talk:

Power shift to the patient: Marketing in a post-Rx marketplace

Over the last few years, terms like patient-centric marketing and adding value beyond the pill have become immensely popular in the board rooms of leading pharma innovators. These concepts aren’t just about the tools we provide; they’re about a fundamental shift pharmaceutical marketers are trying to effect. One that moves us from primarily pre-Rx marketing (education, awareness, relationship building) to largely post-Rx engagement (support, adherence, clinical management). That means completely rethinking what a marketing solution looks like – from what we can say to what we can do; from what people can read to what they can use. In this presentation, we’ll explore the new best practices:

  • Learn about the big trends driving this shift
  • Understand the new principles of post-Rx marketing
  • See how the most effective solutions happen at the intersection of digital innovation and service thinking
  • Go deep inside industry-leading solutions

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Register to attend here: http://www.digitalpharmaseries.com/east/

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