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How the Internet is Disrupting Everything | PSFK Conference

Presented by: Abe Burmeister, Outlier

Abe Burmeister, the co-founder of  innovative performance clothing company Outlier. A fashion entrepreneur, Abe has found that the internet has not only changed the way he retails and markets, it has reinvented his business. In his talk, he shared the 4 hypotheses of how the internet has changed the way products and services are designed and distributed.

Hypothesis 1: If you can find a the right price point, you may just have an idea.

Abe knew how to design a website and a logo and he knew how to talk to people, but nothing about how to run a business. But, with the internet, all it takes in an idea that others will adopt.

Hypothesis #2: A well designed product sells itself.

What the internet has shown us is that great products can sell them self. There are no sales people involved, it’s a website and a purchase button.

Hypothesis #3: Consumers want products and services they can resonate with.

We are finding that consumers prefer products and services that they can relate to. They are trading cheap clothing shipped across seas for specialized, more-expensive-but-more-durable goods that tailor to their lifestyle.

Hypothesis #4: The internet is changing everything.

From retail to healthcare, the internet is changing the model for which everything works. We have the capability to increase access while decreasing costs.

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