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How to create eDetails that HCPs look forward to reviewing

Put yourself in an health care provider’s (HCP) shoes for a moment. Imagine your busy day of seeing patients. It is now 2:45pm, you have so many things on your mind, and there is so much still left to do when you realize you have a 3:00pm meeting with a pharmaceutical sales representatives. How would you feel about this upcoming meeting?

Let’s be honest, most HCPs would not look forward to this meeting.

At GSW Worldwide we counter this feeling by creating engaging multimedia eDetail experiences that attract HCPs to the brand’s message. However, there are times where even the best visuals and interactions aren’t enough.

So we asked, how could we create an eDetail that’s more engaging?

When asked this, we were reminded of a similar question asked for trade shows. We answered this by creating iQ.rival our turnkey gaming platform for trades show exhibits. By applying gaming to exhibits we not only found that we increased exhibit traffic, but we also increased return traffic. This was due to participants wanting to not only play, but they wanted to replay to beat or keep their high score.

With that said, our obvious answer to making an eDetail more engaging was to combine Rival with iQ.mercury our in-market iPad eDetailing platform.

Now put yourself back in an HCP’s shoes. Imagine knowing in your upcoming 3:00pm meeting you’ll be able to compete against Dr. Harben, a local HCP who always brags about beating you in golf. How would you feel about this upcoming meeting now?

We took these feelings into consideration when creating our latest prototype:

Rival IVA – the gaming layer applied to traditional IVAs to make eDetailing informative and entertaining

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