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Improving Patient Adherence Through Mobile

Helping patients adhere to their medication has been a long time challenge. There’s an array of adherence challenges, such as, forgetfulness, too busy, cost, experienced (and potential) side effects, and the list goes on. Today, there are plenty of devices that work to address and solve these challenges. For example, devices helping with forgetfulness can range from basic weekly pill organizers to the more advanced GlowCaps. A downside to devices like these is that they must added to one’s environment and routine. However, with the advancements of mobile technologies, we’re able to replace adherence devices with apps. These mobile apps are added to one’s mobile device which may already be apart of their environment and routine.

Below is a listing of mobile applications that address specific adherence challenges:

CHALLENGE – Forgetfulness

RxmindMe (A)
Created for users who forget to take their pills, RxmindMe allows you to create nine types of reminders – daily, every “X” days, hourly, weekly, on specific dates, on a specific day of the month, and on a specific week of the month. It allows unlimited prescription entities to track all your medications.

OptumRx (B)
The upcoming mobile app from OptumRx will allow members to fully manage their medications with the convenience of a mobile app. Subscribers will be able to set reminders and track their medication consumption for all their prescription and non-prescription medications.


Duet Health (C)
Duet uses reminders, triggers, and reward systems to reinforce behavior that results in more positive outcomes. This experience creates engagement that is personalized, interesting, and informative making adherence a desired event rather than an added chore.

Avatar Alerts
A prototype by iQ that turns adherence into a rewarding game. By applying a gaming layer to adherence, users are more likely to take time out of their busy schedule to receive rewards such as points, level ups, and more.


Walgreens (D)
Designed to make everyday tasks easier, with convenient features, the Walgreens app offers mobile coupons. Users can get access exclusive mobile coupons available for in-store purchases. For example, for transferring your prescription to Walgreens, users can receive $25.

Caremark by CVS allows users to check drug coverage and cost from their mobile device. This feature allows you to discover to actual costs rather than assuming the cost is going to be to high for you.

CHALLENGE – Experienced Side Effects

Fluent 2.0
A prototype by iQ that communicates side effects that may be expected during time of use. Because you may be unaware of your medication’s known side effects, Fluent 2.0 sends text messages during your treatment to educate you on what you may experience and when.

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