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Links of the Week

What Google’s Quiet Failure Says About Its Innovation Health

Google missed an opportunity to push forward in their attempt to “organize the world’s information”, according to HBR author Michael Schrage. While the exact reason of Google Health’s collapse are unclear, there are many lessons to be learned from its demise and Google’s future health depends on these lessons.

Deloitte Says Many Branded Healthcare Apps Are Missing The Mark

According ot their assessment, just 20% of apps produced by leading consumer and healthcare brands were downloaded more than 1,000 times. Don’t shelve your Apple SDK just yet – three-quarters of consumers expect brands to have one of these tools, meaning that “non-participation in app stores is not an option.”

Sermo Launches Mobile App For Consulting

Sermo seems to have brought crowdsourcing to the exam room with a new mobile app. The app allows physicians to share information – including pictures, x-rays and lab results – with a community of their peers and receive opinions and feedback. Sermo is the largest online physician community in the United States, with more than 120,000 physicians spanning 68 specialties.

Second Quarter Brings Many mHealth “Firsts”

In a young industry like mobile health, there is always the race to be first. “The first medical app to do ‘x’” will be tagged by many of these apps (just check the app store).  However, the second quarter of 2011, actually did produce a significant amount of mHealth innovations and apps.

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