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Most Important Technology Stories of 2011: “The Cloud”

Today’s post comes from Jeff Stauffer, Senior Vice President of Digital at GSW Worldwide. This article marks the fourth post in a series of the most important technology stories of 2011, from iQ’s core team and closest collaborators throughout the GSW Worldwide network. Check back through the end of the year for more important technology stories of 2011.

Holy cow, my dad’s gone to the cloud!!!

Ah, there are many stories when it comes to the advancement of technology in 2011, but the one that quickly jumps out in my head is how my dad found “the cloud.” Ya see, growing up, my dad was always a gadget guy, owning one of the first cell phones that looked liked something out of a military flick. But over time, technology advanced quicker than he (and most of us for that matter) could keep up. Time elapses, and his old “blue” Blackberry dies on him, and just as his world is about to come to an end, he calls me up and says, “I’m calling you from my new iPhone and would like a lesson on the cloud.” Naturally, as most of us who have some level of technical expertise and aging parents, I automatically became (yet again) his tech support lifeline. So began the lesson on the new iPhone and power of “the cloud.”

For me, I always tend to look at life’s experiences as direct sketches out of a cartoon, and when my dad, some of my clients, and hell… even Al Gore talk about “the cloud” as if it was something that just popped up over night, has a silver lining, and will save their lives, I kinda chuckle. For those of us in the tech biz, the cloud has been around for quite sometime, and yes, it has saved my life several times. Apple’s iCloud (my dad’s favorite cloud), Microsoft’s Cloud, Amazon’s EC2, Force.com, Rackspace’s Cloud, and the list goes on and on, continue to mature and provide continuous synchronization and seamless work-life balance.

Cloud-based solutions have also become more widely adopted by leading pharma and healthcare organizations (there are even dedicated cloud conferences PharmaCloud) as the ease of setup, maintenance, cost of resources, and infrastructure are key decisions when trying to get a company’s products, services, and messages to market as quickly as possible.

So looking back @ 2011, I applaud how my dad and industry-leading organizations have learned how “game changing” the cloud has become. Our personal and professional lives are ultimately made easier and more productive (thanks Dropbox, Evernote, Gmail, Flickr!!!). And while it drives me nuts when my phone rings and I’m tempted to answer “Bob’s HelpDesk,” I just have to look up into the clouds and smile.

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  • Totally impressed that your dad has an iPhone. Mine has the new Kindle and an iPod – but still a phone that’s designed to be a phone … maybe your dad can peer pressure my dad? Signed, Another Member of Generation Help Desk

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