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Pinch, Zoom And Slide: Mobile Steps To Revamping Patient Adherence

Michelle Tucker, VP, Creative Director at DraftFCB started off with a quick reality check:

People are not using mobile health care apps

  • There are more than 40,000 healthcare apps available
  • But only 10% of smartphone users have actually downloaded health-related apps
    (Pew Internet and American Life project, 2011).
  • That number has remained pretty consistent since 2010.

So, why not?

  • Health apps force people to take notice of their health and to accept and take notice of their own behavior (their own failures). It’s documented, right there in your face and you can’t get away from it.
  • People are leery of their legitimacy and purpose – who created it and what should it really do?
  • The apps don’t move and adapt with patients.

That doesn’t mean mobile can’t have an impact on patient adherence. We just need to go about it another way.

One example Michelle shared was developed by Janssen Pharma for Psoriasis suffers – people who say their painful itchy skin is embarrassing (65%), frustrating (73%), and a very big problem in their everyday lives (76%). It’s a chronic condition that patients feel controls and defines them.

Stelara is a Jannssen biologic indicated for adults with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. Its given four times a year. That’s important because sufferers want three things: efficacy (that’s tablestakes - get rid of the red, the itch, the flaking), relief from treatment burdens, and emotional relief. They want to feel in control.

Those needs help Stelara ladder up their core messages from attributes and features to functional benefits to the ultimate emotional benefit: FREEDOM.

At that moment of relief, they feel motivation. They’ve gone from “I’m suffering” to “I found something that’s working and I want to keep it working.” DraftFCB created content to support that patient transformation. They aggregated healthy content focused on keeping that great healthy skin >> not just with medication, but diet exercise and stress reduction.

So, how to deliver that great content?

We know people can’t live without their mobile technology–22% said they’d go without a toothbrush for a week before going without their cellphone (55% said they’d go without caffeine; 33%, sex; 21% SHOES).  New content delivery systems – like iPads and other tablets – created even more game-changing content delivery possibilities.

Stelara and DraftFCB decided to leverage the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite to create, distribute, and optimize engaging content for tablet devices. The final product was an eBook with an incredibly interactive interface. Patients can pinch, zoom, and slide all the way to feeling in control. The eBook / app is used as an incentive to enroll people in the CRM program. Its supported by a content calendar that ensures frequent updates and a live metrics dashboard that helps the teams deliver ever-more relevant content.

Look for it in two weeks in the iTunes store soon: titled the Journey For Healthier Living app.

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