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Predictions on the Biggest Opportunities in Mobile

The last rock star panel of the day at eDTC Revolution is doing a little predicting and prognostication. The team includes:

Some of our favorite ideas and quotes:

  • Best way to look at a trend is not the device, but how we create value on these new platforms
  • Manufacturers Credibility Syndrome “MCS” – consumers will always be skeptical about apps and tools created by manufacturers (that’s why things like Kelley Blue Book exist)
  • We have to create something that meets an unmet need or does something better than everything else
  • Within 6 months, 95% of apps are not used at all
  • One underserved area is using apps to support the dialog between healthcare professional and patient
  • Ask yourself: Is your app being used to meet the customers’ needs or to serve the company’s needs?
  • Mobile puts a premium on location and service. Years ago, everything analog became digital. Now everything digital is becoming mobile. In 2013, we’re going to see mobile becoming increasingly analog – becoming part of our real world.  It’s the post-digital manifestation of online and offline really coming together
  • That’s one of the areas to be really excited about – devices (like Fitbit or Fuel) that integrate seamlessly between offline products and on-phone apps
  • Apps have to be so easy that they’re almost mindless to use
  • Don’t make a new work flow, have it be part of their current work flow
  • A pill is one way to change an outcome. A pill connected to a system designed to promote adherence can do so much more. It’s industry redefining.
  • Most controversial question from the moderator: Most of our industry’s customers are 50+. Do older people really use apps? YES.
  • One of the biggest things we’re watching is WellDoc’s work around getting a CPT code whereby a physician actually gets paid to use, or have a patient use, an App as part of the care process. That could be game changing!
  • Just yesterday, the FCC officially allocated a portion of the wireless spectrum to MBAN and wearable sensors, powering the growth of the quantified self
  • If you want to see where it’s going, look at kids games. Physical cards that interact with games. Motion response. Really innovative interfaces.
  • A simple win: Start thinking and sharing more digitally
  • Another simple win is optimization. Brands that optimize their sites see a 15 – 20% jump in traffic
  • Best approach for most brands is responsive web design –  building one site that flexes to whatever device your customer is using
  • To support MLR, think prototyping, not wireframing. Let people get their hands on it.

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