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Prescribable Mobile Apps Huge Threat for Pharma | Forbes

Dave Chase, CEO of Avado.com, a patient portal and relationship management software company, is a regular contributor to Forbes.com and this week he shared his thoughts on why he believes Pharma is in trouble with the proliferation of mobile health apps. Dave’s concern is that with evidence of improving health outcomes, mobile health apps will become a physician’s preferred prescription.

Do you think mHealth apps will begin replacing prescriptions?

5 Health Innovations to Keep Your Eye On | Brand Liberators @ GSW

iQ published a piece over at GSW’s blog, BrandLiberators.com, highlighting 5 new ideas to improve health outcomes using technology. From new social networks, video games to health systems in your car, these ideas are leading healthcare marketers into a new paradigm. We don’t know if any of these will become the next great health breakthrough, but we do know they are paving the way to more intuitive and engaging healthcare.

Mobile: The Device Powering the Next Big Evolution of Human Health Behavior | PharmaPhorum

iQ’s Leigh Householder stopped by PharmaPhorum this week discuss whether mobile is a device, channel or a behavior. It seems that it is a combination of each. Leigh’s perspective, “it’s all those things: mobile represents cultural evolution at the complex intersection of technology, expectation and interaction.”

Improving the Doctor-Patient Relationship | MediaDoc

This article by Dr. Mike Robie, highlights 3 (really) simple goals physicians should set when communicating with patients:

1) Educate

2) Inform

3) Remind

In iQ, we couldn’t agree more so we’ve been prototyping with several solutions that we think could help physicians. Check out our Experiments Section for some of our latest prototypes.

A Look at Social Media in Healthcare — Two Years Later | iHealthBeat

Two years ago, iHealthBeat published a perspective on healthcare in the social media space. Today, they are revisiting the predictions and highlight what is ahead. Ironically, in this social media perspective, mobile leads the predictions for the evolution of healthcare communication.

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