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University Program Examines Efficacy of Health Messages via Social Media & Mobile | FierceHealthIT

Nova Southeastern University in Davie, Florida is tacking the challenge of how best to gauge the effectiveness of delivering health and wellness messages to patients via social media and mobile devices. Specifically, they will be testing the effectiveness of this messaging for chronically ill patients (ie, diabetes and hypertension).

Patience Patients – Are e-Patients Waiting for e-Docs | Eye On FDA

Technology is changing. Patients are changing. Are physicians keep up? This articles walks you through the author’s experience of tracking his own weight and blood pressure via wifi-enabled devices, storing the data in the cloud, charting them against each other over time, and then making available for their physician. Unfortunately, the physician isn’t connected to this process and only gathers information during annual check-ups with pen and paper.

How Can Pharma Help Scale mHealth? 3 Things Pharma Companies Need To Do | PharmaPhorum

mHealth initiatives have accelerated quickly over the past year. But an important and noticeable trend of existing mHealth pilots has been the limited participation of pharma companies. To date, most programs tend to be led by non-profit organizations, academic institutions or tech start-ups (more recently, major wireless providers). When asked, pharma companies say they are still unsure about how they can leverage mHealth solutions to achieve their objectives and are concerned about regulatory constraints. This article highlights 3 things pharma can do to get into the mHealth game.

9 Tablets Fit For Doctors | Information Week

Since healthcare pros have embraced tablets in a big way, tablet makers have come up with a few design and feature twists for this demanding audience. Here are 9 tablets – from the iPad to medical specific devices – that make the top of the list for clinicians.

5 Points Concerning Patient Engagement and Health IT | Healthcare IT News

As digital technology continues to replace paper records in healthcare, there is new opportunity to re-engage the patient in their health. Today, we provide patients with confusing medical forms and education filled with medical jargon – creating an immediate burden on patient to manage their health. Fortunately, there are more and more patient education tools that allow physicians and patients be better partners in managing health.

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