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Top 10 Health Innovations of the Week | PSFK

From flying robots that deliver medical aid to remote regions to digital asthma monitors that automatically share symptom data, PSFK highlighted their top 10 recent innovations in healthcare. In a partnership with Boehringer Ingelheim, PSFK will be bringing the most exciting new products in healthcare to their readers each week.

Facebook Timelines for Brands and The Implications for Pharma Companies | Ignite Health

Understanding that any exciting improvements in social often worries pharma brand managers, Ignite Health’s Michael Spitz outlines the unique challenges and opportunities for Pharma with the new Facebook Timelines for pages.

Physicians and Hospitals Must Make Websites More Patient-Friendly, Study Says | American Medical News

A recent study suggests that physicians look to Amazon or Ebay for inspiration for their own websites–as opposed to their healthcare-related counterparts. The study, conducted by the Journal of Healthcare Management, found that patients want easily accessible websites with very little jargon. The study also highlights the growing importance of social media and quality reporting.

Medicine in 2012 – You, the iPatient, and Your Doctor | Forbes

While many physicians and healthcare companies move to become more technologically advanced, this article questions if all these new incorporations have negatively impacted the doctor-patient relationship. The author claims that he has felt alienated by current medical technology and wonders if technology is stripping away the level of human compassion patients feel when dealing with their healthcare providers. So the main question is “how do we create technology that draws the patient and provider closer together?”

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